As you may have heard, Joshua Thomas, who is running for School Board, mailed out a fraudulent sample ballot last week.

How do we know it's fraudulent?

Without our permission, it uses photos of us, US Senator Ben Cardin, Ben Jealous, Congressman Steny Hoyer, and Angela Alsobrooks to imply that we support Mr. Thomas.

That is not true. We do not support Mr. Thomas.

We support Democrat Lupi Grady for School Board. 

Click here for the real Democratic sample ballot, listing the candidates from Ben Cardin to Lupi Grady.

How can you tell which is the fraudulent sample ballot?

It's easy. It's printed on slick paper and has a picture of Mr. Thomas (see the cover of the fraudulent ballot below on the right.) The real 21st District Democratic Team sample ballot has a green cover, as well as Lupi Grady's photo and name and our green logo you've seen on signs (see the cover of our real sample ballot below on the left).

Mr. Thomas’ fraudulent ballot does not have our green cover or Lupi Grady’s name and photo.

If you still have questions, just email or call 240-233-6883.

And tell your friends, when they come to the polls, to get our real sample ballot from our campaign workers.

We're all sorry these Trump Republican-style dirty tricks have come to our community. Thanks for your continuing support.

Hope to see you at the polls!

Senator Jim Rosapepe
Delegate Joseline Peña-Melnyk
Delegate Ben Barnes
Mary Lehman for Delegate

Our real 21st Democratic sample ballot

Mr. Thomas' fraudulent sample ballot

pg.png jt.png

By Authority: Team 21 Slate, Carolyn Brosch, Treasurer.