What others have said

Jim, Joseline, and Ben don't just vote green. They lead successful fights for our environment.

Jim has sponsored the state's nationally-recognized stormwater management law and chaired the Senate Environment Subcommittee.

Joseline has been a leader on public health, including removing harmful chemicals and toxins from infant formula and children's toys.

Ben led the fight against climate change in Annapolis.   He was the original lead sponsor of legislation increasing our renewable energy requirements -- making Maryland a leader in the nation on combating this existential threat to our planet. 

Karla Raettig, Executive Director 

Ben has fought climate change as a lead sponsor and cosponsor of bills to increase Maryland's reliance on renewable energy.

Joseline has taken on tough issues like reducing runoff from fertilizer and septic systems that pollutes the Chesapeake Bay. Under her leadership, toxins have been removed from children’s toys and baby bottles.

Jim has been a leader on transit, smart growth, and protecting trees and open space.

Josh Tulkin, Director, Maryland Chapter

  No one works harder than Jim, Joseline, and Ben to protect Maryland from Trump's attacks on our values.
Congressman Elijah Cummings 
  Jim, Joseline, and Ben are the kinds of champions every community wishes they had.
Congressman Steny Hoyer
  Jim, Joseline, and Ben are the kind of Democrats we need today -- progressive, hardworking, and effective.
US Senator Ben Cardin