How green are your legislators?

The answer is: very green. 

Senator Jim Rosapepe and Delegates Joseline Peña-Melnyk and Ben Barnes are among the top environmentalists in the Maryland legislature. 

On all the big issues, they vote green. 

Ban Fracking. Yes 

Boost solar and wind energy. Yes 

Commit Maryland to Paris climate change goals. Yes 

Crack down on offshore drilling. Yes 

Fix Metro. Yes 

Click here to read why Maryland LCV and Sierra Club endorses them. 

And Jim, Joseline, and Ben don't just vote green. They lead successful fights for our environment

Jim has sponsored the state's nationally-recognized stormwater management law and chaired the Senate Environment Subcommittee. 

Joseline has been a leader on public health, including removing harmful chemicals and toxins from infant formula and children's toys. 

Ben led the fight against climate change in Annapolis. He was the original lead sponsor of legislation increasing our renewable energy requirements -- making Maryland a leader in the nation on combating this existential threat to our planet. 

This year, before they tell you what they want to do, ask them what they've done. 

For our environment, your legislators have done a lot! 

Karla Raettig
Executive Director, Maryland League of Conservation Voters

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