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Register to Vote

Looking to vote in the upcoming election but a little confused about the registration process? 

Here is some helpful information to get you set up!

How to register
Option A: You can use Maryland's Online Voter Registration System (OLVR) or submit a voter registration application to your local board of elections or the State Board of Elections at any time. However, make sure your application is postmarked by the by the voter registration deadline in order to vote in the next scheduled elections or else your application will be held until registration reopens.

Option B: You can also register to vote in person! You may do this by filling out a voter registration application at:
  •     Your local board of elections;
  •     The State Board of Elections;
  •     The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene;
  •     The Department of Social Services;
  •     The Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA)
  •     All public institutions of higher education

What information will I need?
In addition to basic identifying information, federal law requires that you provide on your voter registration application a Maryland driver’s license number or MVA ID Card number or, if you do not have a Maryland driver’s license or MVA ID Card, the last four digits of your social security number.

Verification of Registration
If your application is complete, you are considered a registered voter. However, if you do not receive a Voter Notification Card three weeks after you submit an application, you should contact your local board of elections. You can also verify whether you are registered to vote by visiting our voter services website.