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Sample Ballots

This election is important for our country, for our state, and our community.

We have worked closely with Senator Mikulski, Governor O'Malley, and Congressman Steny Hoyer to:

  • create jobs
  • reregulate Wall Street and the big banks
  • crack down on polluters
  • close corporate tax loopholes
  • expand health care for working and retired families
There are other important local races as well. Many neighbors ask about candidates who aren't well known.
We support all the candidates on the lists below.  This year’s election also includes bond issues and other questions that will be decided by referendum. We’ve listed the ones we support
If you have questions or would like to discuss any of the candidates, just call 202-349-7019 or email
Thanks for voting!

Click on the links below to view and print the Sample Ballot for your area:

Laurel (PG), Beltsville, or Adelphi

College Park

Western Anne Arundel